Case Studies

Discover real-world success stories in the carwash industry with our in-depth case studies. From small independent operators to large franchise chains, our case studies highlight the strategies and tactics that have led to growth and profitability in the carwash business. Explore our case studies now and gain valuable insights to help you take your business to the next level.

  • Cleaning Up!

    Switch from self-serve to automatic gets boost from Dencar Pay Station SELF-SERVE TO AUTOMATIC The Scrub car wash in San Angelo, Texas, had been strictly self-service until owner Jason Simmons decided to convert one of his five wash bays into an in-bay automatic. He invested in high-quality wash hardware, but was disappointed with the clunky […]


  • Wicked Car Wash & Detail

    “DENCAR WILL COMPLETELY TRANSFORM YOUR CAR WASH.” Texas wash turns around two decades of stagnation in just two months Wicked Wash in Kyle, Texas, was a 25-year-old wash with equipment nearly that old when Jon Petters bought it in 2022. The wash was so behind the times, it didn’t even offer a monthly subscription plan, […]


  • Rapid Changeover Brings Rapid Results

    Why a 20-year, 10-unit chain switched to Dencar Pay Stations all at once THE SITUATION Auto Spa Ohio is a 10-location chain of in-bay automatic car washes in three counties in the northeast part of the state. Owner Dave Blashinsky already had what he believed to be a successful monthly subscription business and was not […]